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I'm not running for office or trying to sell anything, which means you'd never hear from someone like me on a robocall.  I thought it might be fun for people if – on the weekend before the November 6th elections at the fever pitch of the political season's neediness – I sent out a robocall to my neighbors' landlines that simply thanks them for being good neighbors and making the kind of difference every day that "politicians will take credit for next election cycle."

Here's the call:

This is Brandon Martin.  During the election season, political candidates will often call with recorded phone messages making promises that they can't keep and taking credit for accomplishments that aren't their own.  

But, I'm not on the ballot and this robocall isn't about supporting a candidate, either.  It's about thanking you for what you do.  Because, the effort you put in at work, with your friends and family, and with each other in the community is what builds the growth and success that politicians will take credit for next election cycle.  Economic policy is important, but our productivity, innovation, and efficiency are ultimately about people doing the work.  Our culture may benefit from funding, but it's about caring and kindness and the respect we voluntarily show for our art and our shared values and stories.  And, while politicians are right to focus on the future, every day I see parents and extended families make a difference in the lives of future generations that no government action can equal -- that's true even when we don't realize it.  It may not involve controversial legislation, but I want to thank you for using your freedom to talk to young ones about right and wrong, attending the basketball games and the soccer games, and making sure at least some of the homework gets done.  

Thank you.  If you want to keep in touch, visit me at Take care and enjoy your week.

I'm sharing it with you here because I also teased a link to this article on my blog promising information on how to stop robocalls.  I don't mind receiving robocalls, but many people are infuriated by them and I would be infuriated by them, too, if I was receiving them on a ratio-based cellular plan.  

Also, check out the FCC's Do-Not-Call-Registry web page here.

I will take an ironic moment to remind you to subscribe to my email newsletter, which I won't actually be bombarding you with until January 2018, anyway.  Do your best to enjoy election night this Tuesday, November 6th.  I predict that somehow both the Cook Political Report and the 538 Report will manage to get it wrong.